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Dec 8, 2012 9:00am EST
-laws and seven grandchild. >> host: does your wife live back in muskogee? >> guest: yes, i go home every weekend. this is an exceptional weekend that i stayed here for this show, but i commute every weekend. and i need that. both emotionally and mentally to get back in the perspective of what people outside of washington think. you know, to me, i think there's a dearth of common sense here or a void of common sense. and i can go back home, and, you know, i'll go to a barbecue place in muskogee, oklahoma, and i'll get all sorts of good advice there from people who are walking in overalls or their mechanic's clothes or whatever it is. i can learn a lot by being home. >> host: in "breach of trust," you write: >> host: typical meeting with constituents or business groups begin with them showering praise at the feet of tear representativement -- their representative. >> guest: well, if you want something, what's the best way to do it, sugar or sauer? but it's the -- i guess i would say is it's important in life where you get your strokes. and if you get your strokes from your job or fro
Dec 3, 2012 12:00am EST
you could wear this in a variety of ways. >>guest: design as her own law. yet if you like it choker, make a can't get at the very bottom but i do love this is really rich color and each one of these red jacket they-half 8 window of drusy.that that, you have to get real close to sea but each one of these has we're talking herkimer , with lexmark all but there is the and deep red agate. this is a natural gemstone, i love it. >>guest: it takes in a contemporary cooking gives it a sparkle. >>host: you mix it with smoky sindhis are pearls, calling pearls and smoky quartz compound (...) >>guest: the center drill them and they do add texture to it here again >>host: and then is the natural color of the stone. >>guest: it has card 9 yen in net carry get there is some translucency to the stone. and >>host: with all kinds of wonderful, exciting great gift of all pieces, this does have a lot of style and it is so personal. >>host: >>guest: >>guest: genuine is great and i get the most excited when i am tickled with a gift of purchase for somebody but did love to have a guest that i a
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2